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Breast Screening

Women's health is of vital importance and early detection is not something that should be over looked. Contact us today for a screening. 

Men's Health Screening

Men's Health is often overlooked. Many challenges to men's health can be avoided by getting a check up. If you are looking for a non-invasive checkup, contact us today! 


Diverticulosis is a condition that describes small pouches in the wall of the digestive tract that occur when the inner layer of the digestive tract bulges through weak spots in the outer layer. When these diverticula become inflamed, that is called diverticulitis. Contact us for a screening.


If you suffer from widespread muscle pain and tenderness, contact us for a screening. 

Women's Health Screening

Get a personalized and accurate health screening. Schedule today! 


Do you have questions about what you are experiencing? Contact us today! We are happy to answer any questions for you and your loved ones! 

Services We offer

Women's Breast Screening

Other Services: Head, Thyroid, Cardiovascular and Abdomen

Men's Health Screening

Head, Thyroid, Cardiovascular, Chest and Abdomen

Fibromyalgia & Diverticulitis

Entire Body Screenings to detect other health concerns.