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Russel W. • Lake Forest, CA • 8/8/2017 • Yelp Review

I am so please to write this review expressing of how grateful I am for the Thermography work and Bonnie's performance with me.  I want to set the stage to say that Bonnie is an exceptional person and professional!  I have never had a Thermography scan done before. But, I do understand that this process can identify and give insight of overall health. Bonnie was able to identify areas needing attention (red) along with areas that looked great (blue). She is experienced and complete in explaining the process and results. The imaging shows clearly the areas need attending by a visual color display. Hot spots showed up in red and a sign of inflammation. Raising your awareness that this is an area that is in need of attention. And it was true for me, I seem to have some tightness issues with my lower back and the imaging showed some inflammation.  It is also interesting that this process can identify potential issues that you may not have symptoms for yet. 

I'm very pleased with the process and the results. Bonnie was professional and sensitive to my needs. She made me feel very comfortable.  I recommend if you want an overall targeted health checkup, Thermography if the key.  It captures you body's heat signature and absolutely tells no lie. I'm planning a follow up soon. 

Karon C. • Laguna Niguel, CA • 8/7/2017 • Yelp Review

I was actually researching an alternative to Mammograms for a video project, when I met Bonnie last year. So many women do not realize how dangerous Mammograms are ... just google it ... you'll see what I'm talking about. Of course, everyone will have an opinion, but it's OUR bodies, OUR breasts we're talking about here! I will continue spreading the word, educating ... men and women ... about the benefits of Thermography.

Jody O. • Escondido, CA • 8/4/2017 • Yelp Review

Bonnie is very knowledgeable about thermography and very comforting during the exam.  Thermography is a wonderful alternative to diagnose medical issues which would otherwise require radiation.  I highly recommend her and her services!!

Willism S. • San Clemente, CA • 8/8/17 • Yelp Review

I had an adverse reaction to a cholesterol medication that caused my quadriceps in my right leg to atrophy and with intense pain.  I had X-rays, an MRI and a nerve evaluation and all these said was yep, my leg is messed up.  Coastal Thermography did a thermal image of both my legs and determined that the cause of the problem was limited blood flow in my knee.  Neither the X-ray or MRI showed this problem.  This allowed me to modify my holistic treatment.  An excellent technology for the whole body.  The major difference with Coastal Thermography from all the others is that my images were evaluated by a train MD.  Others are NOT.

Cynthia G. • San Juan Capistrano, CA • 8/7/17 • Yelp Review

Bonnie Finn, the thermographer, is very professional, and puts you at ease right away. I like that she has at least 10 doctors review her films, and that it can pick things up many years before a mammogram is able to detect it. That's what happened with me. I had a full body scan done as a medical base line. It turns out she was able to "catch" some things that were currently happening, so I was able to address them right away--earlier than I would have otherwise. I strongly recommend getting your baseline films done. It could save your life, help you toward better health, or simply give you the baseline you were seeking. I know my "look into the future" was extremely helpful to me. Thank you, Bonnie!

Lora H. • Santa Ana, CA • 8/25/17 • Yelp Review

I had the pleasure to have Boonie Finn do a Thermal Imaging on my breast, for breast cancer she is so awesome and cares very much for her patience well being. I would recommend anyone who has concerns about their body to go she her, you will not regret it....thank you Bonnie for your wonderful service.

Andrew G. • Aliso Viejo, CA • 8/3/17 • Yelp Review

Bonnie is a professional business owner that truly cares about her clients. During the thermal imaging process she will discuss the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise. She also has medical doctors read the images and develops reports which helps me know that the analysis is completed by a doctor. The images also make recommendations to maintain good health

Sandy A. • San Diego, CA • 8/21/17 • Yelp Review

Bonnie is a great thermographer. I've been to her twice as I am considered high risk for breast cancer. Bonnie is very professional, organized and prompt. If you've ever had a thermal, you would know how awkward it can be. Bonnie has always made me feel comfortable. Plus, her photos have been taken correctly the first time. No repeat sessions because she understands my time is important... it's nice to feel important. Thanks Bonnie! See you for my next check up!

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